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What’s Hiding In My Air Duct’s?

We all love our air ducts, as they supply us with the heating and cooling that we need, but do we ever really know what’s hiding in them? Some things are normal to be found in air ducts such as dirt and debree which is why we do routine cleanings to keep your house fresh.

But what about the abnormal things? Our technicians have found just about anything you can think of, while cleaning the air ducts. Some of these things include toys, rotten food, human waste products and dead animals. These are not the things you want your fresh air passing through as it enters your home. That is why DaVine Air uses a high powered gas engine vacuum to clean your ducts, as it pulls out the simple dirt and pollens and those large uncommon items items as well.

I hope you enjoyed some of this information on what could be hiding in your air ducts. For more pictures on actual things found in air ducts we have cleaned please check the Dirty Duct of the Week (DDW). Please Contact Us if you would like to know more information about getting your air ducts cleaned by Da Vine Air.

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